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Bare Films
Bare Films: Bare Boy Band - Gay DVD

Bare Films, Bare Boy Band


Isn't it just what we suspected already? The members of boy-bands are all gay!
At long last, a movie that shows what happens backstage and in the apartments of the band's members.
Only the guy who blows the cocks of the boy-band best of all and who opens his ass for everyone will become the new band member. So it's no real surprise that the music isn't their top priority. Instead, once the concerts are over, the boys backstage concentrate on raw, hardcore fucking and deep-throat sucking! What's more, they like to invite their fans to join them - horny groupies who are just all too ready and willing to open their asses for the band's raw, fat cocks! A real 100% bareback fuckfest!

Description / Review:

Scene 1: Stark-buck naked and hard as nails

Cast: Fred Terry, Nick Kelson, Justin Gray

Bare Films, Bare Boy Band

How often does a groupie get to meet his pop-star heroes? Not very often, that’s for sure, which is why young Fred Terry must think he’s in clover when he gets the opportunity to enjoy a personal concert backstage with boy band members, Nick Kelson and Justin Gray. What he makes of them making a pass at him then is anyone’s guess, although needless to say he doesn’t turn down the opportunity to get down and dirty with the two overpaid, oversexed musicians. Indeed, the three lads are stark-buck naked and hard as nails in no time at all, taking turns to devour each other’s cocks like a pack of wild dogs! Ultimately, however, the only satisfaction that these music-makers are gonna enjoy is a bareback spit-roasting, which in this instance involves Kelson’s bubble butt taking every rampant, raw inch that Gray and Terry can throw at him. Suffice it to say that we get to enjoy the action in almost painfully close-up detail, culminating in Terry spewing all over Kelson’s face whilst Gray erupts over the musician’s crotch. Music action has never looked so damn filthy!

Scene 2: Horny and fucking irresistible

Cast: Jack Blue & Andre Rice

Bare Films, Bare Boy Band

You might not automatically recognise the delectable Jack Blue from his curly locks, but suffice it to say he’s as horny and as fucking irresistible as ever – as cropped-haired fan Andre Rice discovers when he meets the band-member at the end of the group’s latest concert. The bare facts of the matter is that both these boys are unforgettably gorgeous, and we defy anyone not to be tugging on their aching shafts long before the initial foreplay has developed into something a little more carnal – which in this instance involves Rice taking it like a man on a flight of stairs and Blue returning the favour by riding cock cowboy-style! It’s arguably the latter of those performances that warrants the greatest acclaim – indeed, the sight of Blue’s knob-end spurting out the contents of his tight balls whilst Rice continues to bang away from underneath is one of the highlights of the whole performance. Not that Rice disappoints, as his thick rod erupts just a few moments later with a thick, sticky deposit next to Blue’s pert young ass. In short, a definite master-class in the pleasures of flip-flop action!

Scene 3: Incredibly thick, uncut weapon

Cast: Mike Cage, Paul Birt, Dave Cook
Also available: Horse-Hung and Horny 2 (Compilation)

Bare Films, Bare Boy Band

He might have a penchant for playing the guitar and wearing tight leather trousers, but something tells us that the thing you’ll really remember about young Dave Cook is the incredibly thick, uncut weapon that he keeps stored in his pants! Not that it stays there for very long in this scene – before you know it he’s abandoned strumming the guitar in favour of a delicious session down on his organ! Believe us, this is one mighty monster that needs to be seen to be believed – and it’s no great wonder that Paul Birt and Mike Cage are captivated by it from the very moment they walk in on Cook’s wank session! From this point onwards adoration is very much the order of the moment, as the two newcomers take turns in worshipping the oversized phallus. And who the fuck can blame them? It’s not often that you get to taste meat this tasty, after all. In the end, however, it’s young Mike Cage who proves his cock-crazed credentials the most, taking the beast up his ass whilst Birt fucks his mouth! A mindless fuckfest that leaves the boy quite literally soaked in hot jizz from head to foot!

Scene 4: A prize-winning performance

Cast: Sebastian Stiler & Justin Gray
Also available: Big Is Beautiful (2 DVD Compilation)

Bare Films, Bare Boy Band

We don’t wish to pre-empt your opinions, but we know for a fact that you’re just gonna love Sebastian Stiler, a young beauty who dreams of being the drummer in a band one day. For not only is this toned, dark-haired diamond the kind of youngster who would grace the stage at any rock concert, but he’s got a definite taste for cock – as Justin Gray quickly discovers when he offers to give him some musical training. As it turns out, the only drumstick that Stiler’s interested in is the one that’s hanging between Gray’s legs; as he promptly proves his cock-sucking credentials with a gloriously athletic display that not unsurprisingly leaves Gray’s head reeling! What’s more, this is a boy that loves raw cock in his ass too, for having feasted on his new pal’s schlong like a common whore he then sits down on Gray’s condom-free knob and proceeds to bounce up and down on the weapon like it’s his lifetime’s ambition. No question about it, this is a prize-winning performance; culminating in Stiler quite literally getting an ass-load of cum. By the time his hole is dripping, your balls will be totally drained!

Scene 5: Some good old-fashioned ass-rimming

Cast: Jack Blue, David Ballard

Bare Films, Bare Boy Band

You’d think you’d be safe to leave two music-loving youngsters alone in a room together to appreciate the latest chart offerings, without having to worry about them getting up to anything – but, of course, with David Ballard and Jack Blue we should’ve known better! These two boys love their music, but they love thick, uncut cock even more; and once they realise what each other guy has stuffed in his pants it’s only a matter of time before they’re taking turns to give blow-jobs and lying out on the sofa to savour some good old-fashioned ass-rimming! It’s a delectable sight, as the two lads 69 for all they’re worth – knowing, as they do, that this is but a foretaste of the real fun to come. Indeed, it’s no time at all before blond-haired beauty, Ballard, is gagging for the full attentions of Blue’s meaty, uncut knob-end; which in this instance is totally raw and slips into the lad’s ass like a knife through butter! Little wonder that he’s soon spurting – whilst Blue continues to fuck! – before he turns round and allows Blue to dump a magnificent load of jizz all over his sweet, expectant face!

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Additional Information

Categories: UK R18 / XXX Gay Adult / Bareback Sex, Bareback Youth

Running Time: 100 mins, Year: 2011

Price: Around £15*

Starring: David Ballard, Jack Blue, Nick Kelson, Fred Terry, Justin Gray, Dave Cook, Sebastien Stiler, Andre Rice, Paul Birt, Mike Cage

Director: Vlado Iresch

Studio: Bare Films

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Downloads & Online Streaming: Bare Films (Staxus), See also:

Country: Czech Republic, Language: Czech, with English subtitles

Additional info: No Regional Coding

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Also available from Bare Films: Bare Witness
Bare, Bare Witness

Taking full advantage of the CCTV in a locker room, our voyeur boys watch the screens for the hottest after game sexual adventures, all totally bareback, leaving every cute young twink utterly drenched in hot fresh cum!!

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