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Helix Studios
Beach Bums Florida - Gay DVD


Needing some fun in the sun, some of your favorite Helix hotties rent a beach house in Florida. Naturally, the beautiful boys make fast friends, and slut it up good, in the sultry, sunshine state! Sexy secrets are exposed, in this erotic, rump ramming twink porn DVD, turning twosomes into threesomes; and, these tantalizing, tanned twinks turn Florida into their own personal, pornstar playground!

Scene 1: Chase Williams, Seth Peterson

Helix Studios, Beach Bums Florida

One of our most popular series, “Beach Bums,” is BACK! And, this time we’re slutting up the sunny beaches of south Florida! Keegan heads to the beach solo; but when one is that young and cute he won’t be alone for long! Super sexy Seth Peterson spots the solo sexpot and turns on the charm. Soon enough Keegan is being introduced to all Seth’s smokin’ hot beach buddies and makes fast friends.

While the beach clad beauties get to know one another, Peterson sneaks off to meet a hot, horned up Chase Williams in the back of a beach house. As the sultry sound of surf fills the air, the pretty pair shed their beach attire, and get down to business…. right there in public! Peterson is hungry as hell and hoovers down Williams’ enormous, eighth wonder with wild abandon. Chase gets a mouthful of Peterson’s pretty piece as well, before Seth smacks his hind end, and goes to town on the twink’s tush with his darting tongue. Chase offers up his freshly eaten ass for a fucking, and Seth is happy to oblige. He does the dude dirty in doggy, as our infamous cock cam catches all the ass banging action from every erotic angle.

The beautiful beach bums switch it up, and Peterson winds up getting pounded out on his back by Chase’s colossal cock. The flexible fuck holds his feet up high for an even deeper donging, causing his dick to detonate, exploding all over his super smooth six pack! The sexy sight is more than Williams’ wang can bare. He grabs Chase by the back of the neck, and nuts ALL over that pretty face. Then our boy goes in for a kiss, tasting his own cum in the process. If this is how the “Beach House: Florida” starts off, imagine all the delicious dick pumping debauchery to come in our future episodes.... all cumming in hard, VERY soon!

Scene 2: Keagan Case, Silas Brooks

Helix Studios, Beach Bums Florida

When Keagan Case’s boy leaves him alone on the beach, it’s Silas Brooks that comes in to save the day. He brings cutie Keagan into the gorgeous group of Helix hotties staying at the beach house, and our boy has the time of his life. After frolicking in the summer sun with the guys, Brooks and Keagan sneak off to a private outdoor patio, and immediately turn the heat up even hotter. After a smokin’ hot kiss and strip, case is on his knees peeling Silas’ swim trunks down. He marvels at the the boy’s miraculous meat, and worships appropriately. Then, Silas speaks up and tells the tan twink, “I wanna suck yours! Keagan ups the ante with some delicious dirty talk as he grabs Brooks by the back of the head, and face fucks him good! Next, dirty talker Case asks for an ass eating. Naturally, Brooks buries his face in that tight twink tunnel, until Keagan lets him know he needs a fucking.

Silas smacks the sexed up slut on the ass with his colossal cock, then plunges that big beast all the way in. Keagan arches his back beautifully, as he gets his hot ass handed to him doggy style. Next, the bossy bottom tells his top to, “get on the chair, I wanna ride it!” Case takes a cock heavy, bouncy beating, while pumping his own piston. Brooks massive monster pushes the nut from Keagan’s cock, and the sizable shaft goes off like a summertime sprinkler. When Brooks let’s the boy know, he’s about to bust, Case instinctively gets on his knees, and anxiously awaits his mighty meal. Silas spooges all over the dude’s pretty face; and, as spunk drips from his nose to his mouth, Case goes in for a final cum covered kiss.

Scene 3: Aiden Garcia,Garrett Kinsley

Helix Studios, Beach Bums Florida

The guys are settling in to the Florida beach house, and getting mighty comfortable with each other, sharing secrets, and bed hopping with the best of them! Exotic Aiden Garcia, and gorgeous Garrett Kinsley look like a dream running onto the beach from the beautiful ocean surf, hand in hand. Naturally, they head right back to the beach house for a horny afternoon hook-up. The minute the sun worshippers close the door behind them, all bets, and clothes, are off! They play with their pulsing packages over swim trunks, and kiss every inch of salty, sweaty flesh before Kinsley cleans Aiden’s more than ample, uncut appendage for him. Garcia’s returns the sloppy good favor on Garrett’s gargantuan, golden boy groin, before taking a deep taste of his amazing ass. After the epic ass eating, kinsley takes a seat right on Aiden’s cock, and gets to grinding, but GOOD.

He reaches back and spreads his cheeks for an even deeper dicking. Then, our beautiful bottom spins around on Garcia’s engorged groin and gives us a beautiful, bouncy bone show, with a little help from Aiden’s huge hands. The versatile twosome trade topping positions and Garcia gets got REAL good, on his bronze back! Garrett goes hard and heavy, heaving his hog into the hottie, till Aiden’s uncut monster explodes, spitting sperm all over his tight, twink tummy. Kinsley pulls out, and adds to the party, coating the cutie with more cum, covering him nearly to his beautiful, bronze nips.

Scene 4: Chase Williams, Garrett Kinsley, Silas Brooks

Helix Studios, Beach Bums Florida

It’s party night for the “Beach Bums!” All the guys are havin’ a blast mingling , dancing and drinking, and as secrets start spilling, Garrett Kinsley grabs Silas Brooks, and leads him back to what he thinks is an empty bedroom. However, Chase Williams is stretched out on the bed, looking like a late night snack; so, the pretty pair immediately invite him to join their twink tryst. Lips are kissed, clothes fall to the floor, and within a minute Silas surrenders to sucking some double dick! Soon enough Williams is then wetting his whistle on Brooks big bone, while Garrett goes ham on the hottie’s hole with his thrusty tongue. With Williams’ rear-end wet and ready, Kinsley cocks him down while he continues sucking Silas’ super sizer. From there, Chase spins around and switches the sexed up-spit roast around, before Garrett gives Brooks a ride on his gargantuan groin. Chase keeps Kinsley’s cock sucker busy as the boy bounces.

Then, the guys let Garrett know it’s his turn to get got! Williams wails on the boy’s bottom till Kinsley’s colossal cock spits white gold all over his beautifully bronzed torso, nasty style, right up to his neck! Chase is next to blow. He pulls out of golden boy Garrett, and adds to his incredible amount of ooze. Next, sexy Silas spits seed in long, rich ropes, coating Kinsley’s crotch. The satisfied sexpots kiss, thanking Chase for staying, right before Seth Peterson accidentally stumbles into the room. This will definitely add to the gorgeous, guy gossip going around the Beach Bum's inner circle. Will pretty boy Peterson tell? Find out on the next naughty installment of, “Beach Bums,” coming soon!

Scene 5: Aiden Garcia, Keagan Case, Seth Peterson

Helix Studios, Beach Bums Florida

eth Peterson is pretty peeved, after stumbling into his boy Garrett’s threesome….. without him! That’s when a horned up, Aiden Garcia, and Keagan Case walk by, and convince sexy Seth that he has every right to be a whore too! It doesn’t take much doing, and soon enough, the three young bucks get to doin’ the deed. It’s revenge sex at it’s finest; and, Seth pulls out ALL the stops. After a triple tongue twirl with the two, Peterson is on his knees worshipping Aiden’s uncut cock; AND, he’s kind enough to share it with Keagan. Knowing he put in some exemplary work, Peterson stuffs his perfect piece down Aiden’s dick sucker, and our boy MORE than returns the fellatio favor. The delicious, dick sucking train changes up a bit as cock hungry Case takes center stage, before being pushed onto the bed for some ass eating, triple trouble.

Garcia stands up at the tail end, and shoves his extra large schlong into Seth’s supple seat. Mr. “In the Middle” then throats Keagan’s colossal cock, making for a succulent spit roast, where Peterson gets absolutely pounded! Wanting to get his wick wet, Seth sends Case over the edge with a deep dicking that makes the bed shake, as Aiden fills the boy’s other hot hole. The thirsty thrupple thunder through several other porn perfect positions before ending in a fuck train, of explosive climaxes. All three beautiful boys wind up covered in creamy loads, with Peterson plunging back into Aiden’s incredible ass in the epic fuck finale.


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Additional Information

Categories: UK R18 / XXX Gay Adult

Running Time: 119 mins, Year: 2022

Price: Around £32 / €40*

Starring: Aiden Garcia, Chase Williams, Keagan Case, Garrett Kinsley, Seth Peterson, Silas Brooks

Director: Alex Roman

Studio: Helix Studios

Buy DVDs online at:, Homoactive and Radvideo (USA)

Video On Demand: Helix Studios, Member site:

Country: USA, Language: English

Additional info: No Regional Coding

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Helix returns this holiday season with a second installment of Holiday Affairs featuring smooth American twinks in bareback action on DVD! The horny holiday revelers get raw, and raunchy, overstuffing stockings, delivering girthy gifts, and unwrapping pornstar perfect packages as they celebrate the most festive, fucktastic time of year!

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Helix Studios, Holiday Affairs part 1

The holidays are all about family, friends, food…and fucking? Leave it to these guys to get it in during the most wonderful, and stressful, time of the year. From exes revisiting the past, to friends who want more, and relationships on the rocks, everyone has their own yuletide drama to contend with. “Holiday Affairs” brings you along for the ride as romances bloom, friendships are challenged, and horny hotties have a ball giving and getting in the bedroom.

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Helix Studios, Patagonia Funny Adventure

The most beautiful Latin boys in the world travel south, to Patagonia, where the forrest, and mountains are like picturesque paintings….. and the cruising is off the chain! Join the boys at their hide away cabin in the woods, where they bring back the hottest trade for hard fucks in the forrest. This south bound, ass banging adventure is definitely one for the books, and will leave you breathless!

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Also available from Helix Studios: Stealing Hearts
Helix Studios,  Stealing Hearts

Chase Williams decides to take his hot, horny buddies to his home town of Austin Texas; and, it turns into some tasty, triple twink trouble in the biggest, and best of ways! With a spicy mix of Williams’ hometown homies, and some ass- hungry, new acquaintances, the boys make the meat-banging most of this guy’s trip. Friends fuck, hearts are broke, then mended, and all along the wild way, a thrusty threesome, and hot bodied hijinks with some of your fan fav fuck stars!

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